Bishop’s Salon provides an array of services from natural hair care to custom highlights and color. We strive to give our each client the perfect cut that reflects his or her lifestyle and personality. Our goal is to meet the needs of each guest every time they visit Bishop’s Salon.



A Bishop’s haircut is customized to fit your personality. Our stylists have received advanced training in their industry, and their refined skill sets ensure each guest receives a style that is personalized for his or her face shape and hair type.


Women $45+
Men $35+
Child 0-12 $25+
Bang trim $10+



From beautiful blow outs, flat ironed curls or sleek up-dos, the Bishop’s creative style team can turn any ordinary head of hair into extraordinary!


Blow Dry $25+
Flat Iron $10+
Updo $65+


Hair Extensions

At Bishop’s, we provide the highest quality human hair extensions. Everything is made-to-order specifically for each client. It’s not just additional hair; we make sure it looks and feels like a natural extension of you.


Tape-in, bonding, fusion, pinch*
Sew-in rows (partial or full)*
Microlink extensions*
Custom clip-ins*
Custom wigs*


* A consultation is required for every customer approximately one week before the extension installation is desired. This is a free consultation and is included as part of your hair extension services and process.



Our stylists use the Aveda color system, which is derived from all-natural plant ingredients. By using this natural, high-quality system, our team of color experts can create rich, vibrant, long-lasting colors. Whether you are a cool blond, a warm brunette, a fiery red or just want hot pink pieces, we can do it all.


Touch-up Roots, gray coverage, or a complete color change? A touch-up can give your hair—and you—a whole new attitude. $80+
Color Correction Ooops! Need a hair rescue? Let our color technicians reformulate your color. $90+
Brightener A brightener is the perfect “quick fix” between highlights. $50+
Color Gloss A color gloss provides a gentle re-pigmentation of your hair and provides a fresh pop of color, kind of like lip gloss for your hair. $75+
Full Highlights For the all-over blonde who wants to retain natural dimensions, a full highlight will give you that California Girl look. $140+
Partial Highlight Whether you want to keep your depth of color underneath your highlights or simply blend the gray away, a partial highlight will do the trick. $115+
Pieces For a subtle highlight to brighten your eyes, selecting well-placed pieces will give you a personalized result. $65+
Double Process For virgin hair looking to go lighter or darker, a double process will get you there in one visit. $110+
Ombré A new fashion style that gives you a relaxed, low-maintenance boho look, ombré takes your hair from dark roots to light ends, typically using two tones to achieve this effect. $150+
Color Melting Similar to ombré, the color melt process also begins with dark roots and uses more than two color shades to fade to the lighter ends. $150+
Balayage The balayage process involves hand-painted highlights to provide the most natural, sun-kissed look available. $125+


*Prices may be higher if you have thick or long hair. Additional bowls of color cost $10.



Treatments offered at Bishop’s Salon alter your hair’s texture. Whether you want to go from curly to straight or limp to voluminous hair, treatments can soften and texturize hair from scalp to ends.


Perms A perm allows your hair to form a curl where no pattern previously existed. $100+
Relaxers/Straighteners Getting your hair relaxed or straightened involves a chemical process that can take textured hair to a silky, straightened texture. $100+
Brazilian Keratin Treatment This chemical-free procedure removes the curl pattern from hair without changing the inner cortex of the hair shaft. $250+
Botanical Treatments Whether you are lacking protein or moisture, botanical treatments can restore hair back to a luxurious state. With proper conditions and home care, botanicals can replenish damaged hair. $20+
Pramasana  Stress Relieving Scalp Ritual Pramāsanais designed to exfoliate, cleanse, balance and protect the scalp to create and maintain a healthy, clean scalp, which is the foundation for beautiful hair. $45+
Steam Treatment Slowly steam your scalp and hair to healthy goodness. The use of distilled water is the cleanest, most natural way to restore life to you hair. $10